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World Heart Day



Charming,"queen Anne-georgian", English Wooden Doll, A True 18th C. Antique For Sale


This is an 18th century English, so called, “Queen Anne” doll and not a later reproduction. She was last purchased in New England in the 1980’s. Since that time she has remained in the same collection. She comes with her blue ribbon from the 1966 UFDC convention in Chicago.

Her facial carving is refined and detailed with a very appealing look. She has inset black eyes with dotted lashes and brows. She is 20” tall, has the squared off torso design, jointed knees and hips and wood lower arms. I have been informed that she would date from later in the second half of the 18thc and not earlier in the century, because of her waist to neck size. Her upper arms are covered in old linen that was then tacked to the torso.

Someone long ago chopped off her flax hair, but it was left as is because she still has her old wig cap and the remains of her original hair. The wig cap has worn back from the hand forged nails on each side of her head, but is she still presentable with her silk net and lace caplet hat on.

Condition: I am going to try to list everything I can find and pass on what others have told me about her. I have included a photo taken under a strong medical black light. It is the last one in the series of photos. Under it, she does not show as having any repaint. Although, I cannot guarantee there is none, because of her age and any work was done so very long ago that it would no longer fluoresce to the dark purple of newer paint. Most of these early dolls have had some work on done them over time. An er told me her lips were redone, but it must have been long ago as they do not fluoresce. There is light wear to her finish in areas, but the paint is still very strong and secure. It has faded to a paler color where exposed to light over time and there is some yellowing to the remains of the finishing shellac. There are only traces of the original whitewash remaining on her lower torso.

She does have some old wood worm damage that has been treated. The worst of it is shown in the photo of her hip where there is also a small split in the wood. Her hands are worn and have only indications of fingers left. It is felt that her legs are probably early replacements. The hip pin is of heavy wire rather than wood. Both feet are worn, have broken off toes and are carved to indicate shoe heels. All of this is a part of her long history.

Her dress is beautiful and appropriate, but not original to her and is fragile. The silk is split in a few areas. The dress lining is in poor condition as can be seen in the photos. I did not remove the dress as it is hand stitched on and I can peek in and see the body is as it should be.

Though not perfect, she is still a lovely early doll. Please study my photos and ask questions, if you are interested in offerding, as I only offer a refund if I have missed something that would significantly affect her value.

I can offer a layaway option if needed.

Please note: insurance must be added to the postage on this item and may need to be sent in a way that includes higher value insurance. Please wait to pay until shipping cost to your area can be calculated.

On Apr-19-13 at 10:40:01 PDT, seller added the following information:

Please note: In bright light, I see she may have had a thin wash of color added in areas a very long time ago. It does not black light and I thought it may be paint fading. I am adding an unaltered photo taken under natural light.


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Charming,"queen Anne-georgian", English Wooden Doll, A True 18th C. Antique:

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