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500 Pieces Van Gogh Mix Mosaic Glass Tiles Heavenkiss For Sale

500 Pieces Van Gogh Mix Mosaic Glass Tiles Heavenkiss

You are buying 500THE MAIN COLORS of Premium painted mosaic tiles "VAN GOGH" "HEAVEN glass tiles.This mix is made from these colors:GOLD, COPPER, BRONZE, SILVER,RED,GREEN, AQUA BLUE, PINK,LAVENDER,GREEN-COPPER-GOLD ...They measure approx 1/2"x1/2"x1/8" thick, loose in bag, unfinished edges.The tiles have a glossy finish, they can be used in one side which you see it in the picture, the other side is black coated just like the back of the mirrors, they are light not see through, the color of the glass it will never fade, will stay like that forever,The tiles have been lightly tumbled toremove some ofthe sharp edges .Because they are handcut they can not be perfect squares,Thesetiles are cut from brand new sheets this is a mix of colors.This is a general representation of the tiles you will receive, picture is taken with light. Remember we sell many other colors and shapes so please check our store . This item is made in USA ..

You are buying this beautiful high quality glass made from a factory located in USA, they have been making this glass for more than 25 years and since we buy direct from them in very large quantity we can afford to sell this glass in very low price,we are the biggest supplier of this glass worldwide for more than 18 years with thousands of very satisfied customers and just for this item alone we have sold thousands of units just this year in with outstanding satisfaction from our new and returned customers. By buying direct from us you will save up to 70% off.

If you have any question regarding this item or you are not satisfied with the itemplease feel free to email us.We will do the best to solve the situation.


Shipping cost is only one flat fee with insurance and tracking number included.

We ship with USPSPriority BOX which includes insurance and tracking number. Regardless how many items you buy from us, youwill be chargedonly one flat fee, All items must be combined together to receive this shipping discount, ignore all the invoices you will receive from which are send automatically,once you are done shopping request an invoice from us so we can combine all items in one invoice with one flat fee for shipping.

Payment must be received in 7 days ,


Dear Customer.

We value your business and we would really appreciate your help. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the transaction please email us right away only through "contact seller" link which is available in every page of items you purchase, and we will do everything in our power to solve the situation. Thank you again for shopping with us, we really appreciate your business.


Dear customers, just a quick tip for those who are not familiar with VAN GOGH GLASS.

All Van Gogh glass is painted and coated on the back and becauseis made in USA , paint does not contain any lead or harmful chemicals,

As we mentioned above the best glue to work with this glass is WELDBOND ADHESIVE,which is available in our store, You can find this glue also in any local craft stores or you can use any other GLUE for as long as they are ADHESIVE, other glues may damage the backing of these particular tiles( if you use other adhesiveglue than Weldbondtest some tiles first and see how the glue will cure, ), but our recommendation is WELDBOND ADHESIVE, which is very strong and youhave to use as little as possible, once you glue the tiles press the tileshard against the piece your are gluing the tile, if the glue comes out from the sides of the tiles that shows you are using more glue than supposed to, one9 oz tube will last you for along time. Asdescribed in the directions of the glue do not cut the tip, puncture applicator tip with nail or a pen, as we mentioned you must use as little as possible particularin these Van Gogh tiles, applyavery little amount , you shouldneveroverload the tiles with glue, because it will take a lot of time to dry or cure completly, especially when you are working with a vertical projects, such as walls ect. Test first few tiles go through our advise, thistechnique should be used for all tiles, including stained glass, mirrors, blueriverglass ect, If you need any more advise from us, we would love to help with your projects, feel free to ask any question if you are not familiar with any of our products, will save you a lot of time. We hope this is been helpful.

500 Pieces Van Gogh Mix Mosaic Glass Tiles Heavenkiss

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500 Pieces Van Gogh Mix Mosaic Glass Tiles Heavenkiss :

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