73 John Deere 10 Speed Road Bike Bicycle Fuji Built 21" Racer Frame Runs Well

73 John Deere 10 Speed Road Bike Bicycle Fuji Built 21

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73 John Deere 10 Speed Road Bike Bicycle Fuji Built 21" Racer Frame Runs Well:

  • This is a John Deere 10 speed road bike from the early 1970s.

  • I understand these were built in 72, 73, and 74.

  • 21" (53.3 cm) steel frame with a 31.5" stand-over height. The top bar is 22", center to center.

  • It is a John Deere badged, Fuji built bicycle, sold by Jon Deere tractor dealers.

  • It is black with black and silver graphics. There are some green and yellow John Deere graphics, too.

  • This is the proverbial farmer's daughter's bike. A farmer in western PA hurt his back and had to quit farming. He went into the appliance business. He bought this at the John Deere dealer, on payments, for his daughter, just as he was getting started. She hated the color.

  • A bicycle ridden by a girl is usually not beat as much as one ridden by a boy. Girls took better care of their bicycles. This bike runs well with true wheels, smooth shifting, solid drive train and good bearings. It is a nice riding bike.

  • The rear derailleur is a Suntour GT. The front is a Suntor Spirt.

  • The brakes are SK center pull, with releases for the pads and adjustment barrels.

  • I detailed it and went over found a NOS Suntour Spirt front derailleur for it on . There was no front derailleur on the bike when I bought it. I did the research and this is the same derailleur that came on the bicycle. Fuji OEM. I mounted it with a new cable. It works fine.

  • There is no brand stamped on the original chrome wheels. They are 27". They are true with no curb dents. The chrome on the back rim is nice. The front rim has some peeling chrome.

  • It is ready to ride but could use some new tires. The original tires hold air, but are dry and cracking.

  • There is some rust on the bike that is through the chrome. It is on the head set, the front rim, pedals and the handle bars. It is not really too bad. It doesn't look like a rusty old bike.

  • The graphics are good.

  • The paint has some scrapes and scratches. There is some green paint overspray on the frame. They are little spots. I don't think I ever bought an old bike that didn't have some paint spilled on it.

  • This will be a nice riding bike with some rust that is not real bad. It could be put into really nice shape by replacing the parts with some rust on them. Mainly the front rim, the head set and pedals. These Fuji parts would not be hard to find on . I imagine the decals for this are available as well. Black frames are easy to paint. After buying and selling hundreds of old bikes, I have come to like them better unrestored, with original parts. Personally, I would not restore it.

  • I charge actual UPS Ground shipping with no fees.

  • It will be carefully packed.

73 John Deere 10 Speed Road Bike Bicycle Fuji Built 21" Racer Frame Runs Well:

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