Aurora 6500sde Silent Diesel Generator With Remote

Aurora 6500sde Silent Diesel Generator With Remote

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Aurora 6500sde Silent Diesel Generator With Remote:

This generator is the highest quality you can find.
ETL approved to CSA Standard 22.2 No 100
Current 2013/2014 EPA ApprovalShipping with FedEx.
The next time visiting a big box store, look at electrical devices, components, cables and accessories. Notice how they all have UL, CSA or ETL logos on them. These are the logos of nationally recognized testing laboratories. The big box stores do not take chances with unknown, unproven and untested potentially dangerous electrical products. Why should you? Responsible retailers only accept products with proper electrical certification. Those products must have been laboratory tested to insure they are in compliance with national electrical safety codes and quality standards. Only after they have passed testing, do they receive the right, to use the ETL, CSA or UL logos.Do not be fooled by the "CE" logo. CE is a European standard. Many generators show this. Those are cheap imported generators designed for other markets. Those generators do not meet national electrical codes. Also note, just because a generator has a few components with the UL or CSA logo on it, it does NOT mean it has the required overall certification. Customers are being fooled by fake logos. Search for "Market Surveillance Product Incident Report Form" on google and report them. It is on the UL website. The point of all this is to stress that Only Aurora Generators supplies generators like these that are in compliance with national electrical safety codes and standards. These generators are ETL approved to UL and CSA Standards 22.2 No 100. They are far better quality than any other generator like it on the market guaranteed.
Watch this video and see why Aurora Generators stands out above all others.
Cold Weather Starting

Notice the ON/OFF switch with the red light over it on the photo below? It is used to turn on the engine cold start heater. This is a feature most other generators do not have. On Aurora Generators when turned on, a heating element in the air intake glows red hot. Since temperatures below fifty degrees can be considered cold for starting a diesel engine, warming up the air makes it possible to start them in what would normally be difficult conditions.

You can see in our video some other-brand generator that just will not start in the cold weather.

Remote Control

This generator includes two remote controls. The transmitters and receivers are FCC approved. They operate on channels designed for these types of devices. Remote controls that are not FCC approved and built in other countries often operate on channels used here from anything between a cordless phone to a radio station or cellular phone. Without a FCC approved device, like Aurora Generators uses, your taking a chance with the quality of the remote control and the signal range. There are reports of other generators starting up by themselves when owners are away inside peoples garages.

Digital Panel Meter For many customers having exactly 60 hertz and the correct output voltage is important. This Aurora Generator has a digital panel meter that shows you the frequency in hertz and the voltage output in a digital display. Automatic Voltage Regulator An automatic voltage regulator is used on this generator. It is very fast to respond to changes in load and corrects output voltage much faster than others without it. Other generators output voltage is effected by engine speed and sudden load changes. With an Aurora Generator if you are using a long extension cord that ends up having a voltage drop across it, you can increase or decrease the the generator voltage to make up for those losses. Panel Outlets

On this generator, you can use all the power outlets at the same time. You have more power available with Aurora Generators, then on you do with others that use a voltage switch. If you look carefully, you will notice other generators force you to select between their single pair of 120 volt outlets or the 30 amp 240 volt outlet. The outlets are just as you have in your home. They are rated at 15 or 20 amps maximum. Just as in your home, if you plug in more than a toaster or hair dryer you blow the fuse. Those 20 amp outlets at 120 volts only let you draw 2400 watts maximum. So why are those other brands claiming to be 6500 watts or more? The answer is, people just fall for it not knowing any better.

On Aurora Generators, you can use two pairs of 120 volt outlets each fused at 20 amps. That is double the power. 40 amps at 120 volts is 4800 watts. Plus, you can also use the 120/240 volt outlet at the same time without any switch.

Cleaner Emissions - Longer life - Less Noise

Our generator exhaust system uses a D.O.C. (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) It is responsible for eliminating 90% of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons making this diesel generator super clean and EPA 2011 approved. To reduce noise levels there are two large mufflers used. The result is noise levels less than 69 db at 23 feet. While nothing is truly silent, these generators in comparison to traditional open frame types are quieter and are often called Silent Diesel Generators because of it. No other company makes a Silent Diesel Generator like ours, this quiet. We guarantee it.

Generator Specifications
Panel Outlets 4 x 120 volt rated @ 20 amps
1 x 240 volt rated @ 30 amps
1 x 12 volt rated @ 8.3 amps Generator Type Automatic Voltage Regulator - Class F Alternator - Certified to CSA Standard 22.2 No 100
Power Factor 1.0 Peak Generator Power Output 6500 Watts Continuous Generator Power Output 5000 Watts Alternator Peak Rated Current 41.7 amps @ 120 volts
Color Black Engine Type Single cylinder forced air cooled, 4 stroke, direct injection. Fuel Tank Size 3.9 gallons Continuous Run Time 12 Hours under 75% load
Fuel Type Normal Automotive Grade Diesel Fuel Only
Starting System Key Switch + Wireless Key Chain Remote starting. Noise Level < 69 db Oil Pressure Sensor Yes, disables engine if low pressure exists Panel Display
Digital Multi-meter. Voltage, Frequency & Hour Counter
Battery Included - 12 Volt maintenance free.
Product Dimensions 36.2" x 20.9" x 29.1" 980 mm x 580 mm x 770 mm Weight 364 Lbs Altitude *Not intended for use above 3000 feet

Maintenance, Parts & Service

Just like any other heavy machinery, if you want your diesel generator to last then preventative maintenance will be required from time to time. You will need to do oil changes, filter changes and simple valve adjustments in the future. Aurora has excellent manuals and instructional videos showing you how to do all this. They should be followed and make owning a generator much easier.

Should you ever require help, Aurora is famous for parts supply and product support. Almost every single part imaginable is available online. You don't find this with other brands. Aurora is the only company that provides instructional videos and detailed manuals showing how to maintain your generator or do simple repairs. Since Aurora generators are built so much better than others, mechanical or electrical failure is rare. If something does happen, it is good to know Aurora technical support is easy to reach by toll free number and live website chat, discussion forums and dedicated support channels. There is just no other company providing service like this.

Customer Reviews

Our response reflects the sales of generators only. We are not a liquidator do not sell unrelated items. We are new on but, we have been around longer than most companies. Search the Internet for Aurora Generator Reviews and see how we compare to any other company. We assure you no other brand comes close in customer satisfaction.


Shipping shouldn’t involve worrying about the integrity of your product. Because we're so committed to delivering your shipments intact we ship with FedEx. FedEx has one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry. All of the FedEx trucks are outfitted with decking to avoid double stacking. FedEx is the largest freight carriers in the country and does not depend on third parties to help deliver your goods. Many sellers shop around for the lowest rates and end up shipping with carriers that transfer your goods from one company and terminal to another. This is where goods get damaged, lost or delayed in shipping. Too much handling. Shipping with FedEx means all our shipments are insured, we can easy track our freight and because of our shipping volume, we have the same low rates.

uses different freight cost calculation that does not take into consideration our FedEx account and discounted rates. may even quote the wrong price. Please contact us for a shipping quote before completing your purchase. We can't refund or apply any discounts after the purchase has been made. Failure to obtain a quote may result in another carrier being used since it is arranged on .

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Generators are sold FOB Atlanta. This means ownership and responsibility is transferred over to you, the new owner, once it has left our premises. It is your responsibility to be able to receive a shipment and care for your item. We will provide the tracking information and the shipping company information to you. Freight companies generally contact you before delivery. You need to make yourself available, follow the tracking information and sign for the delivery. You will be responsible for any charges due to missed deliveries and storage.

If you are paying withPaypalthen shipping must be to your same confirmedpaypaladdress. No address changes and nobody else can accept your delivery. You must be there and you must sign for it. Do not pay withPaypalif you need to ship to another address or may not be available for delivery. Please contact us if you have any questions at telephone number 1-877-510-6807


It is your responsibility to research and follow all laws and regulations concerning the use of any products sold here. Licensed professionals may be required to install, maintain, modify, or operate your generator for it to meet your needs, local laws, codes or regulations. This product requires a setup that includes adding fluids, charging batteries, checking connections and hardware for anything that may have come lose during transportation. Do all research before buying as this sale is final. This product if not used correctly can harm or even kill you. Never run a generator indoors.

Buy buying this item you agree that this seller is not and should not be held responsible for any mechanical failures or warranty claims. Any and all claims should be made directly with Aurora Generators Inc. This seller will only guarantee that you are receiving the item described in this sale without any mechanical warranty.

Aurora 6500sde Silent Diesel Generator With Remote:

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