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German Notgeld- Ruhr U. Rhein, 1923 50 Million Mark Coin-rare Coin For Sale

German Notgeld- Ruhr U. Rhein, 1923 50 Million Mark Coin-rare Coin

Welcome ers!This Listing is for the coin in the photographs.
About RuhrRuhr is the fifth largest urban area inEurope after Istanbul, Moscow, London and Paris. From west to east, the region includes the cities of Duisburg, Oberhausen, Bottrop, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Bochum, Herne, Hagen, Dortmund, and Hamm, as well as parts of the more "rural" districts of Wesel, Recklinghausen, Unna and Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis.
In March 1921, French and Belgian troops occupied Duisburg, which under the Treaty of Versailles formed part of the demilitarized Rhineland. In January 1923, the whole Ruhr area was occupied as a reprisal after Germany failed to fulfill World War I reparation payments as agreed in the Versailles Treaty. The German government responded with "passive resistance", letting workers and civil servants refuse orders and instructions by the occupation forces. Production and transport came to a standstill and the financial consequences contributed to German hyperinflation and ruined public finances in Germany. Passive resistance was called off in late 1923, allowing Germany to implement a currency reform(Rentenmarke and Reichsmarke based money) and to negotiate the Dawes Plan, which led to the withdrawal of French and Belgian troops from the Ruhr in 1925.
About the coinThe coin uses ancient Greek Mythology to create an allegory for the German people. On the Obverse it has the Legend " DEUTSCHES VOLKS-OPFER RUHR u. RHIEN 1923 50 MILLIONEN MARK". Translates to German People (are the) Victims. Ruhr in Rhineland 1923 50 Million Marks. The legend encircles a large flame from a small torch at the base. The fire seems to have a human figureenvelopedin the flames. Fire is one of the gifts that Prometheus (a greek titan) gave to man over the years. Prometheus was known for his cunning and trickery to obtain things from the gods and then he would give them to man. Prometheus was also credited with the creation of man from clay and giving man the arts, writing and many other things that enabled man to become civilized. This angeredZeus, the king of the titans, because he did not want man to develop into a being that may not fear or need the gods. As a punishment for his actions, Prometheus wasshackledto rocks on Mount Kazbek where a giant eagle would come every day and eat his liver. Only to have it grow back every night since Prometheus was a titan. My guess is the coin shows a vulture, because the eagle is the National Bird of Germany. Nonetheless, the coin's message is quite clear and concise.
Please see item specifics for coin information.Please look at both sides of the coin to determine quality and confirm denomination, value & year.
The 2012 Edition of the Walter Funck Notgeld Catalog is now available in my store. Die deutschen notmünzen is a Hard Cover Book with 704 pages. All Official issues and variations from States, Cites, Towns areas etc. Everything you need to know about German Notgeld Coins issued from 1915 to 1923.

Different names for Notgeld:

Aine Grosche, Bezirkskriegsgeldermark, Ersatzgeld, Kreisersatzgeldmarke, Kriegs-Notmünze, Kleingeldersatz, Kleingeldersatzmarke, Kriegswertmark, Notgeldmarke, Notstandsgeld, Öcher Groshe, Thalergeld, Verrechnungsmarke.

Notgeld (German for "emergency money" or "necessity money") is the name of money issued by an institution not authorized for money emission. This occurs usually when money is not available from the government central bank. The best known emergency money emissions occurred in Germany and Austria-Hungary around the end of World War I, which is why the German term is used. Issuing institutions could be a town, savings banks, municipalities, private or state-owned firms.
The first large issues of Notgeld started in Germany at the outbreak of World War I. Due to inflation, caused by the cost of the war, the value of the material that was used to mint coins was higher than the value of the coin's denomination. Many institutions started to hoard coins. Additionally, the metals used to mint legal tender coins were needed for the production of war supplies.REAL NOTGELD COIN!

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German Notgeld- Ruhr U. Rhein, 1923 50 Million Mark Coin-rare Coin

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German Notgeld- Ruhr U. Rhein, 1923 50 Million Mark Coin-rare Coin :

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