M923a2 Monster Truck, 5-ton, Bug Out, Zombie, Cummins, 4x4, Custom Truck

M923a2 Monster Truck, 5-ton, Bug Out, Zombie, Cummins, 4x4, Custom Truck

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M923a2 Monster Truck, 5-ton, Bug Out, Zombie, Cummins, 4x4, Custom Truck:

You are looking at a one of a kind 1984 custom M923A2 5-ton military truck. This truck was bobbed and made into a Crew Cab pickup. This was is not our first crew cab and the craftsmanship is outstanding! We took the nicest M923A2 we could find and built this truck. Everything works! air shift lock4x4 is flawless! No expense was spared on this truck, I spent a ton of money!!! This truck has 17,633 miles and 766 hrs of operation... most we have put on it driving it to events or car shows. This truck has a custom Soft top " $2,000" which can be easily removed! Carpet interior! Captains chairs through out... no bench seat! All chairs are fully adjustable and fully recline! Passengers ride as good as the driver! A Marine grade Infinity Radio and Infinity Marine grade speakers- 5 speakers total, there is 2x6.5's up front and a 6x9 behind each rear seat! yes its loud!.. over $1,000 in the radio alone!.. What makes this truck even more unique is that we stacked a seperate 12v DC system on this truck seperate from the 24v military system with its own self regulating alternator and battery. So you can run what ever 12v stuff you want, winch, lights, computer, or what ever! Also up front is the meanest bumper that you will ever find on a truck! It took me over 6 months to find one but I did... Its a bumper off an M.R.A.P. and is made of 1/2'' AR500 steel and is rated to stop anything short of an RPG! You could push down trees if ya wanted... It also has 4 Cree LED flood lights that are super bright and 2 6' cree LED fog lights... Turns night to day. The rear Bumper is custom built out of 3/8 steel and has a built in hitch receiver! This truck has a Cummins 8.3L Turbo engine which is harder to find than the NCH250 motors and can be turned up to make some serious HP! This one has not been touched and gets about 10MPG believe it or not... Also this truck runs strong.. runs 60mph with no slow down on hills! It has a top speed of 72MPH "GPS tracked" but the 53'' tires dont care for anything much over 65mph! The tires are like new and are 53'' tall. The Bed is made from an M105 trailer and has been shortened 1.5ft to give the truck a better stance! This truck does not leak a drop of fluid or oil and is rust free! DONT waste your time with deuce and a halfs that have no power steering and wont hardly run 55mph down hill... get the ultimate military truck! I could go on and on about how much attention this truck gets but the Pics speak for them selves! There is a huge list of upgrades and Money spent on this truck and it will take me days to list it all so if you have any questions or want any pics please feel free to give me a call @ 404-606-6776 my name is Matt! There has been over 70,000 spent on this truck and I know I will never get that back.... unless I were to take it to Barrett Jackson!... offer confident that you are buying a true one of a kind truck! I know I have forgot to mention something so gimme a call with any questions!

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Have had a lot of questions on options on the truck and other types of questions... her is a list of options and need to knows!

*1984 M923A2

*Bobbed and Crew Cabbed

* Custom made soft top- does not leak or flap.. its custom made so it has a very nice tight and neat fit!

*8.3L Cummins Turbo - all new fluids and filters- 734hrs on motor 17,643 miles

* Allison 5-spd Auto trans

*4x4 air shift/locking front axle

*5 captains chairs that are all fully functional

*Infinity Marine Grade radio and speakers

*separate 12v system with battery and alternator for adding lights or any 12v items you want

*custom built 3/8'' rear bumper with hitch built in "has a claymore hitch cover on it in the pics" claymore is not functional but does make tailgaters nervous

*MRAP front bumper which is all bt impossible to find. Made from AR500 and will stop a .50 cal round. HEAVY!!!

*NEW 53'' tires on 5-ton combat wheels

*cab heater

*Marine grade Carpet in cab

*LED flood lights and marker lights

*Custom center console

*80gal fuel tank

*and more but I hate typing!

Also this truck stops on a dime!!! It has air brakes but does not require CDL's because its only 2 axles and registered as aRec. vehiclemuch like these giant RV's that don't require CDL's.IF you register it in a company name, pull over 26,000 lbs- "truck is rated for more", or put a dump bed on it. Then you will need CDL's. This truck is currently driven several times a week by me and even my 110 lb girlfriend... yes its that easy to drive! I would take this truck to Alaska tomorrow and not think twice about it... runs perfect and needs nothing! These motors will last 1,000,000 miles and can make huge HP.. that's why everyone wants this 8.3 vs the commonNCH 250. This truck is a true one of a kind and is massive! we take it everywhere.. from car shows and parades to Wal-Mart and the drive in movies!.. Its the coolest truck and probably a world record... The truck is 10.2'' tall and weighs in at 16,325 lbs full of fuel. We shed over 8,000lbs from this truck when we bobbed it and added a smaller lighter bed... the power difference is huge from where we started.. that's why I have had no need to turn up the fuel and get more HP! Good luck guys and if folks can ask $60,000 for a "little" M35 crew cab then this 5-ton should bring even more right?... its up to you guys what ya wanna pay to own the biggest baddest truck in the world " no exaggeration"

M923a2 Monster Truck, 5-ton, Bug Out, Zombie, Cummins, 4x4, Custom Truck:

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