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Strange Tales V2 #1-19 Vf/nm Complete Series Doctor Strange Cloak & Dagger 1987 For Sale

Strange Tales V2 #1-19 Vf/nm Complete Series Doctor Strange Cloak & Dagger 1987

Item: Strange Tales vol. II #1-19
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Date: 1987-1988
Total Cover Price: $14.25
Other Info: complete series! include:
  • Cloak & Dagger by Bill Mantlo & Brett Blevins
  • Doctor Strange by Peter B. Gills & Chris Warner
Condition: VF/NM
Check out Cyberspace Comics for more:
  • Marvel Comics
  • Strange Tales
  • Doctor Strange
  • Cloak & Dagger
  • Bill Mantlo
  • Peter B. Gillis

Terms & Conditions
  • Shipping
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Strange Tales V2 #1-19 Vf/nm Complete Series Doctor Strange Cloak & Dagger 1987

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Strange Tales V2 #1-19 Vf/nm Complete Series Doctor Strange Cloak & Dagger 1987:

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