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Vintage Rare 1962 Mr Magoo Upa Pictures Plush Stuffed Figure Doll Ideal Toy Co For Sale

Vintage Rare 1962 Mr Magoo Upa Pictures Plush Stuffed Figure Doll Ideal Toy Co

Very Rare Hard to Find Piece

Recently Acquired from an Estate

Please veiw all photos carefully and judge the condition for yourself, I am not a toy expert. This doll is exactly how I found it. It appears to be the only one on right now. I think it looks to be in very good condition for the age. No holes or tears that I can see. Only a small paint spot missing on the hat, which could probably be fixed fairly easy. His hands are a little dirty, I will leave the cleaning to it's new owner so I don't mess anything up.

This figure has so much life and character to it. Fantastic Piece for any collector!

Don't Miss This Opportunity! & FREE SHIPPING(within the U.S.)

Starting his career as a series of theatrical cartoons in 1949, Mr. Magoo had a 10-year run before the studio called it quits. However, they weren't turning their backs on their valuable property. In another year they had released a new series of 130 cartoons for the television market to be run in conjunction with their original theatre shorts, two of which had won Academy Awards. The myopic (in so many ways other than just his vision) Magoo continued to narrowly avoid one disaster after another, as he wound his way into our hearts. With the very funny Jim Backus as his voice, the little old man became an American icon, unforgettable for those he entertained. This 1960 show spawned a large toy merchandising campaign, including this stuffed doll made by Ideal. He stands 15" tall, with full cloth body, including cloth hands to represent his gloves, black cloth shoes, and a painted vinyl head. He is very colorful, dressed in his kelly green jacket with its bright red buttons, with matching green pinstripes on his white shirt. He is also wearing black corduroy trousers, the height of 1960's fashion. This ensemble is capped with Magoo's trademark bright red scarf. With his molded hat and cloth "gloves," the egotistical duffer must feel that he cuts a fine figure. While very presentable, the doll has a few small moth holes on his back that do not show when the figure is being displayed. The doll grades solidly at VG to EX. When you look at him sitting on your shelf, you could swear you hear him say, "Oh Magoo, you've done it again

On Jun-13-13 at 17:26:41 PDT, seller added the following information:

The bottom section of the description had been copied from a really old listing that i found on the internet. THIS FIGURE DOES NOT HAVE MOTH HOLES ON IT, I was unable to revise the listing though due to the fact that it already had a offer on it. Sorry for the confustion.

Vintage Rare 1962 Mr Magoo Upa Pictures Plush Stuffed Figure Doll Ideal Toy Co

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Vintage Rare 1962 Mr Magoo Upa Pictures Plush Stuffed Figure Doll Ideal Toy Co:

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